Why hire Pathway to College?

    • Finding a college that meets an individual's personal, academic and emotional needs is often difficult and stressful. With over 3,500 colleges, so many different opinions, and the increasing competitive nature of the admissions process, students are faced with a great deal of challenges while planning for their future.

    • We provide information and a structured process of navigating through the considerable number of decisions that must be made when applying to college.

    • We match students with specific schools based on extensive research, detailed analysis and frequent campus visits.   We help students evaluate what they really want from a college.  Students are generally not aware of all of the factors to consider in finding the right college for their needs since they have never gone through the process before.  Even those students that have some idea of what they want are often not in a position to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different institutions.

    • Your investment of time and money will result in a better college match for your son or daughter, thus improving their opportunity for success and reducing the risk of drop out or transfer.

  • And to alleviate stress for all involved the parent and the student! We can act as an independent voice helping the student and parents mediate differences. Parents will no longer have to worry about deadlines, grammatical errors or missed testing opportunities.

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